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Books I’d like to read

July 9, 2011

* Why I Think I Deserved to Have Gotten Myself the Nobel Peace Prize Instead of That Other in that Particular Year

* Code of Ethics and Etiquette Based on as Best as One Can Impartial Conduct and Properly Credited Critically Appreciated Research & Surveillance

* Safety Based and Security Informed Fashion Tips for Various Types of Intelligence Gathering Professionals

* Why am I not or Shouldn’t I Be or Start Thinking about Becoming a Traitor as Compared to That Specifically Paticular Other One Including  Various and Variable Apologetics and Credible Rationalizations

* Biografia D-lui Ungureanu, scrisa de autorul roman Claudiu Constantin (The Biography of Mr. Ungureanu, written by Romanian author Claudiu Constantin)

* Tratat de Drept Civil International Comparat, editat de avocatul roman Lascaris din Bucuresti (International Comparative Civil Law Treatise, edited by Romanian attorney Lascaris from Bucharest)

* Brosura de recrutare a Agentilor Dubli sau Multipli prin metode concret pertinente secolului XXI (Recruitment brochure for Double or Multiple Agents using modern concrete methods pertinent for the XXIst century)

* How I Had the Unexpected Lucky Chance to Actually See Myself & Thus Directly Witness the Credible Academic Scientific Hammer Used to Drive the Final Nail in the Coffin of that Damned Postmodernism

* Recruitment of Smokers for Special Defensive & Especially for Offensive Counterintelligence Missions

* Unreasonable Behaviour: An Autobiography, by Don McCullin

* Blood and Champagne: The Life and Times of Robert Capa, by Alex Kershaw

* Longitude: The True Story of a True Genius Who Solved the Greatest Scientific Problem of His Time, by Dava Sobel


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