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I have a question for sober persons aged minimum 21 years old.

August 11, 2011

What would be some ways to efficaciously and ethically diminish the passive-aggressive manner of action of the personnel working in public departments or agencies with entrenched long standing organisational cultures, and with inevitable bureaucratic issues, functioning in democratic countries, and to also encourage the mature transition of the klein-ian paranoid point of view of those personnel members to the klein-ian depressive one, without creating too much disruption in the continuity of services provided to the general society, and with utmost attention paid to overarching security issues ?


12.August, 2011

03:23, Rome


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  1. Rosencrantz permalink

    1. you can be either efficacious or ethical.

    2. it’s somewhat better that they be paranoid and direct their anger towards you, the tax-filing citizen (or some other role in which you can find yourself for a few days a year). if they go to the depressive part of the scale, swallowing their frustration, in a few years we’ll have serial killers and people going mad and starting to shoot in public places, like in civilized countries where politeness and whats that…. affirmative action, political correctness etc. are enforced in an open way.

    3. what would be the security issues, i didnt get that one? you mean if we fire all the policemen? i dont think it would be such a disaster, didn’t Georgia do smth along these lines some time ago? like, firing all the govt employees and hiring new ones.

    🙂 so i guess we’re better off, despite the constant bitching. in those few minutes when you pay your taxes, she’s got the power, just think of how sad she must be to feel good exercising it on you and you’ll feel so much better.

    or just ditch that Klein bitch, you’ll instantly feel better :P. (ok that was uncalled for, I just find her ideas so depressing)

  2. 1. I do not agree.
    2. Who is they ? I consider myself part of the question. In asking my question I am actually envisioning myself that I AM them or working for them. Otherwise I wouldn’t be asking. Do you think I would CARE about actually improving the functionality of public institutions if I were not working for one, or at least supporting at least one of them ? I actually chose to ask from the point of view of how can I improve myself, because it is actually both easier AND ethical to do it this way, as an insider rather than as an outsider. Just as you would try to know yourself better before you would even begin to assess where you might need some improvements, and how to do it. And, of course, the you also seek outside opinions & persepectives, lest you miss something, or you think in a too self-biased way. That is why I was asking others as well.
    3. I was referring to the public institutions providing security to the general public, which HAVE to remain stable and functional all along any improvement measures, without risking that these measures could hamper in any way their functionality.
    4. Re. Klein, Mrs. Melanie Klein, although I admit that I find both her writings, AND the writings of those who write about her, obscure to the point of unintelligibility, plus I have strong ethical qualms about actually calling persons “objects”, plus although I do tend to prefer classical, (although NOT rigidly orthodox cult-like supporters of), Mr. Sigmund Freud & Carl Jung, once I have heard about the alternative rock group Volcano Suns from Boston, Mass. actually dedicating to Mrs. Klein one of their first albums in 1985, “The Bright Orange Years”, I have assessed that she may be worth mentioning and may have had something to say. Plus I have appreciated her early work which has actually been the basis for the widely used totally common sense, when one thinks about it, PLAY therapy.

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