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The bureaucracy of love

September 14, 2011

Initially, I was thinking to write about bureaucracy VS. love, about how love can disrupt bureaucracy, with both beneficial and detrimental consequences. But then I thought that many writers, philosophers, theologians may have already touched upon this, and I am not one of those types of professionals. I am a regular low level bureaucrat, not a theoretician of bureaucracy, nor a manager of a bureaucratic institution.

So I am mostly interested in managing my own desk, my until now only refuge against the unpredictable forces of nature, which include love. I must, therefore, find a practical way to make order in the momentary chaos that this hurricane brought into my private cubicle. I must find a drawer in which to carefully file and organize this unexpected emotion that disturbed my habitual place of refuge against the unpleasant & tiresome day-to-day stressors.

Should I file it among my practical tactical papers on Afghanistan, Irak, Iran, North Korea, etc. ? Or among the theoretical strategical professional journals ? I just realized I do not have a drawer for ethical issues ! I probably should designate one as such ! Are ethical problems practical or theoretical ? Do, or should they fall, in my personal case, under tactics or strategy ? I must think more about it…while I also ponder to deliberatively determine whether there is, or there should be an ethical dimension to LOVE. 

This is so complicated…and requires so much energy…should I call that model ethical bureaucratic organization, the Red Cross, for assistance ? A bureaucrat must always be self-aware enough to know when a particular problem exceeds his own capabilities of resolution, and request appropriate help…of course, without disturbing too much the daily operations of one’s own institution, or creating panic among one’s colleagues, or trouble, or disquiet for one’s managers & administrators…especially if they start suspecting that the object of my adoration may be seen, in a larger sense, as a co-worker fellow functionary, albeit from another branch. Oh, my God ! What a can of worms ! Not only are such types of fraternizations totally frowned upon, but I sincerely believe that they might truly carry the risk of destroying the very foundation of an optimally functioning bureaucratic intelligence services institution…maybe even of an entire bureaucratic society…NO, this is already going too far in the speculative domain ! I MUST get a realistically based grip !


Rudolph Aspirant

September 15th, 2011, 07:55, Oslo time




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  1. Rudolph, Are you channeling Kafka? Or Gogol?

    It is my impression that Norway is a beautiful country. Don’t encourage tourism, as I take it you do not need the money.

    But tourism is less a threat than unassimilated immigration, which can rob a country of its soul. And from your explorers and the wartime resistance, it seems that your country, small as it was, produced most excellent people.

  2. LOL ! (Re. Kafka & Gogol !) Thanks for your comment. I have been in Norway only 1 year and my impressions are yet sort of unformulated, likely also yet “contaminated” by my own acculturation experience, and I especially need to immerse myself more into the language & culture of this country, even beyond the superficial level of politics, (which I only realistically know only rudiments about anyway, although I can see some trends), before I could realistically assess its capacity to assimilate or integrate its current era temporary or permanent immigrants. All I can say for now is that, due probably mainly to its geography and somewhat also to its history & general culture contemporary modern norwegian society has certain insular characteristics.

  3. Gogol. It’s definitely Gogol.

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