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The Unavoidable Proust Questionnaire

September 28, 2011

Confessions Questions   Confidence Questions   My answers 2011

Your favorite virtue The principal aspect of my personality Conscientiousness
Your favorite qualities in a man. The quality that I desire in a man. A beautiful cock
Your favorite qualities in a woman. The quality that I desire in a woman. The ability to be authentically maternal
Your chief characteristic —- Vanity
What you appreciate the most in your friends What I appreciate most about my friends. I don’t have any friends
Your main fault My main fault Gluttony
Your favourite occupation. My favorite occupation. My job
Your idea of happiness My dream of happiness. Sucking Hector’s cock
Your idea of misery. What would be my greatest misfortune? Not ever being able to suck Hector’s cock
If not yourself, who would you be? What I should like to be. Hephaestion (Alexander the Great’s best friend)
Where would you like to live? The country where I should like to live. Portugal or Costa Rica
Your favourite colour and flower. My favourite colour. Blue
—- The flower that I like. Violet
—- My favorite bird. Sparrow
Your favorite prose authors. My favorite prose authors. Gustave Flaubert
Your favorite poets. My favorite poets. Don’t have any
Your favorite heroes in fiction. My heroes in fiction. Indiana Jones
Your favorite heroines in fiction. My favorite heroines in fiction. Yentl
Your favorite painters and composers. My favorite composers. Chagall, Mozart
—- My favorite painters. see above
Your heroes in real life. My heroes in real life. Mr. George Tenet
Your favorite heroines in real life. —- Ms. Janet Reno
What characters in history do you most dislike. —- Hitler
Your heroines in World history My heroines in history. Queen Christina of Sweden
Your favorite food and drink. —- Don’t have any
Your favorite names. My favorite names. David, Alexander
What I hate the most. What I hate most of all. Psychopaths
World history characters I hate the most Historical figures that I despise the most. Hitler
The military event I admire the most The military event that I admire most. The capture of Usamah bin Ladin
The reform I admire the most The reform which I admire the most. Gay partnership with exactly same rights as heterosexual marriage in Norway (differing only by name) since January 2009
The natural talent I’d like to be gifted with The gift of nature that I would like to have. Literary skill
How I wish to die How I want to die. Quickly, without noticing
What is your present state of mind. My present state of mind. Concentration
For what fault have you most toleration? Faults for which I have the most indulgence. Mother Theresa like self sacrifice
Your favorite motto. My motto. Per aspera ad astra

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  2. Mersi ca mi-ai spus. O sa vad ce pot sa fac.

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