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  1. roamsk permalink

    I encourage everyone to look up the criteria for submitting suggestions for someone to win the Norwegian issued Nobel Prize for Peace. Personally, for next year I would like to support the idea that it would be the organization named NORAD that wins the next Norwegian issued Nobel Prize for Peace, because of their Santa tracking program. Whoever is with me, just go find out how to do it. I guess if they get enough people to suggets NORAD, they might just take it up under consideration.

    P.S. I also have a “cookier” idea: about actually CREATING a NEW NOBEL PRIZE CATEGORY ! Or maybe a public initiative suggested SUBCATEGORY of the Swedish issued NOBEL PRIZE for LITTERATURE: a prize awarded to the BEST original LITERARY character of the year, like for example I would choose Mma Ramotswe, from Botswana as a possible past winner. HOWEVER: the prize MONEY IS NOT TO GO TO THE AUTHOR (he’s got enough of those !). That MONEY is to go to a PUBLICALLY VOTED CHARITY of the YEAR. THAT WOULD BE SOMETHING, IKKE SANT ?!

  2. Blegoo permalink

    Somehow, I don’t buy the NORAD thingie.
    Russians are going to raise objections for sure.

    • I just appreciate their Track Santa Program. i really think it has a literally calming and pacifying effect on most young children of the 21st century world, regardless of their background and culture, since by now almost everyone MUST have heard of Santa Claus and may have equivalents for him in all cultures, regardless of whether they celebrate Christmas or not. Santa Claus gives most young people HOPE instead of bitterness. It is the ADULTS that get more stressed out if anything else during Santa’s time of the year. I REALLY think that NORAD and their Santa tracking program may have contributed more than we would even know to the generally absolutely unattainable and always fragile Peace of the world, and, via its continuity and staedfastedness, certainly more than any other individual initiative and/or Miss Contest type promise. I JUST LOVE THEM for this Program, and I really think it deserves to be supported as much as NASA or other Space Agencies do. On balance I remain optimistic in the overall BENEFIT, (rather than detriment), for mankind of ALL Scientific Technological advances, (even as I, myself, am not a “tecchie”).

  3. Blegoo permalink

    It’s just a propaganda piece, for criss’ sake! PR, if you wanna be precise.

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